WordPress SEO Hub Coaching Corner

Coaching Corner

SEO advice from industry experts.

WP SEO Hub includes a Coaching Corner, a place where you receive personalized SEO coaching via a phone call with screen sharing. Get your SEO questions answered during a 50-minute session. Your dedicated coach will follow up with email after each call to recap recommendations and next steps.

SEO isn’t a set it and forget it marketing initiative, so we recommend investing in one coaching session each month. Stay motivated. Learn the latest in SEO. Take a deeper dive into tactics. Troubleshoot roadblocks.

Premium subscriptions include one coaching credit each month. Additionally, all subscribers can purchase à la carte coaching credits. The cost is considerably lower than average SEO consulting fees from an agency. The value is exceptional.

Coaching sessions are interactive. A sample of common topics and questions are below:

Keyword Research

Is my keyword list comprehensive? Do my keywords have enough search volume or are they too competitive?


How often should I blog? What should I blog about?

Meta Tags

How do I write page titles and meta descriptions? Can you please review my page titles and meta descriptions to help me improve them?


How do I get my business listed in Google Maps? I can’t receive a postcard at my office location, can I still verify my location in Google My Business? My business is moving — what do I need to do for SEO?


Do you have any suggested changes to my website content? What new pages should I add? Does my content convey what makes my brand or business unique?


What SEO plugin should I use? What do I need to be thinking about for SEO as I build a new WordPress website?

Link Building

What are links? Why do I need them? Suggestions on how to gain more high-quality links?

New Website

I’m building a new website. What do I need to think about for SEO?

WordPress SEO Hub Coaching Corner
WordPress SEO Hub Coaching Session